Latest Announcements

On 1st August Luang Por Sumedho and George Sharp will meet

to reminiscence about the past 30 years since the founding of Amaravati monastery. It was exactly 30 years ago, on 1st August 1984 that the site was purchased by the English Sangha Trust for the establishment of a second Forest Sangha monastery in the UK. This auspicious meeting will take place at 2 pm in the Amaravati Sala. All are welcome to attend.


Creative Weekend 5-7 December 2014

During this weekend, we will explore how our hands and feet are serving us to open to what we are sensing and feeling and how to find our ground and creative responses. Have a look here for more information.


Amaravati is looking for a Health and Safety coordinator

Amaravati is looking for a person with common sense and some relevant experience to be the Health and Safety Coordinator. The role needs 1-2 days work per month. If you are interested please click on the pdf file below for more details. Health and Safety Coordinator PDF