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Looking Ahead Summer 2014 issue published

The Summer 2014 issue of Looking Ahead, Amaravati's newsletter, is now published and available for download on our new Newsletters webpage. This issue of Looking Ahead includes information about Ajahn Sumedho's birthday celebrations and the 30th Anniversary of Amaravati monastery this summer.


Luang Por Sumedho’s 80th Birthday at Amaravati

Luang Por Sumedho will be returning to the UK to be here at the monastery from 20 - 30th July. We will have the opportunity to celebrate Ācariya Pūjā Day on Sunday 27th July, Luang Por Sumedho's 80th birthday, when he will be offering a Sunday Talk from 2pm. Please click here for details of the week's events and more information


Sunday Afternoon Talks 2014 (13th July to 5th October)

In keeping with an established tradition, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery will be offering Sunday afternoon Dhamma talks during the traditional three-month ‘Rains Retreat’ which runs from the full moon of July until to the full moon of October. The talks commence at 2.00 p.m. (in the Sala) and will be followed by 15 minute a break for tea (3.00 p.m.).