Sunday Talks 2021

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On Sunday July 25, the community entered the traditional three-month ‘Rains Retreat’ or Vassa which runs from the full moon of July to the full moon of October. In 2021, the dates for the vassa are July 25 to October 21.

For these three months there is a public Dhamma talk scheduled to take place every Sunday afternoon. The first talk will be held August 1 with the last one scheduled for October 17.

Starting at 2 pm every Sunday, except 1 & 8 Aug at 3pm

The Sunday talk will be live-streamed starting at 2 pm until 3.30 pm, except the first two which will start at 3pm until 4:30pm. The talk will take around 45-60 minutes, followed by any questions about the topic. Questions can be asked online with the form at the bottom of this page.

After the livestream, all these talks will be published on our video channel (see Teachings > Videos) and on our audio podcast/library (see Teachings > Audio).

Schedule Sunday Talks – 2021

DateTitle of the Sunday TalkSpeaker
1 AugThe Elephant’s Footprint – ‘All wholesome states can be included in the Four Noble Truths’*Luang Por Sumedho
8 AugConsciousness and mindfulness*Luang Por Sumedho
15 AugSpiritual birth controlAjahn Amaro
22 AugOn being rightAjahn Candasiri
29 AugIs the Buddha alive today?Ajahn Amaro
5 SepThe (ongoing) Dhamma of climate changeAjahn Dhammanando
12 SepWhat is true love? It’s not what you think…Ajahn Sundara
19 SepVoices in the head: Mara? Divine messenger? Or ordinary delusion?Ajahn Nyanarato
26 SepVirtues – a path to letting goAjahn Kongrit
3 OctYou don’t need to know ‘why’ (just know ‘it’s like this’)Ajahn Amaro
10 OctPoisonous guilt, precious regretAjahn Amaro
17 OctHoly shift: the liberation of Stream EntryAjahn Amaro
* the first two talks will start at 3pm, the others will be 2pm

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