A Dhamma article by Ajahn Amaro – A Currency of Well-being

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‘Helping 12 faiths make long term plans to protect the planet’

This article was written as a contribution to interfaith discussions about spiritually-informed use of resources currently owned by the world’s major religions.

‘I haven’t used money since 1978’ is the usual response I make when
asked about the Buddhist monastic lifestyle. It invariable brings a
moment’s pause in the conversation, if not a wide-eyed dropping of
jaws. It’s a very different way to live, never owning or even handling
money of any kind, and describing it usually brings forth such
questions as: ‘How can one possibly live that way, especially in the
modern world?’ And ‘How could such a lifestyle be of relevance to the
global population and the well-being of the world?…………………’

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