Ācariya Pūjā Day 2021 – Luang Por Sumedho’s Birthday – July 27th

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Over the last ten years we have made July the 27th an Ācariya Pūjā Day – an occasion to express our great gratitude and respects to Luang Por Sumedho, our beloved teacher, mentor and the founder of this and many other monasteries. This year we are especially blessed, now that Luang Por Sumedho has moved back to live at Amaravati long-term, that we will be able to observe the Ācariya Pūjā Day with him physically present. 

            Sadly, on account of the ongoing pandemic, on Ācariya Pūjā Day this year we are not able to host a gathering for lay Dhamma friends beyond the maximum of 30 people that we are allowing into Amaravati each morning. However, Luang Por Sumedho will be giving a brief Dhamma talk as a live webcast at 11:00 in that morning (July the 27th)so please do click on this link to the event and you will be able to see and hear his teachings on that auspicious occasion.