Amaravati: Bookable, Limited Opening – from 3rd May 2021


We are very happy to announce that there are now bookable slots available for families or individuals who wish to come to Amaravati to offer dana at the mealtime and talk to a senior sangha member. The highest priority for these visits is given to families and individuals who have been bereaved, or who wish to dedicate dana to the memory of a loved one, but everyone will be welcome.  

Visitors who have booked can come singly, or in small groups, (up to a maximum of 2 groups of 15 people in each group), and will be welcome each day. You will need to practice Social Distancing, wear a face mask and practice other hygiene measures.

In order to maintain a protected environment we have set up a marquee reception area. Visitors will not be allowed into any of the buildings, apart from the toilets, and you should bring food for yourselves if you wish to eat at the Monastery. 

The Monastery will be open from 10:30-13:00 each day.


How to book a slot?

book online here

The sangha looks forward to opening the monastery to all, to freely visit, when the risk of COVID-19 recedes further. It remains a place with a number of vulnerable residents.


Especially important:
Please do not visit if you are unwell!!

(or if you have been in contact with one who is unwell)

Offering Dāna and making deliveries

  • There is a table for deliveries and dāna by the back gate. You are welcome to leave your offerings there, together with any dedications to be read out at the meal blessing. 
  • During this time, it is more helpful to bring groceries and pre-packaged goods instead of cooked food.
  • Our latest Dana list
  • The back gate is usually opened at 6.30 am and locked around 5 pm.


As announced previously, there are now no residential retreats or overnight stays scheduled until November. For details of regular online teachings available at this time, please see the Events Calendar on our website

We will continue to update the community as things evolve and wish to express our gratitude for your continued support and kind observance. With all blessings for your continued health and well-being.