Amaravati May Events Update

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Luang Por Sumedho is due to arrive at Amaravati on the 27th April and we are very much looking forward to welcoming him for his time here.

The May Events pages have been updated with new information about the schedule for the month. Go to the May Events Page

We still have some places available throughout the month for Event Helpers to stay. If you would like to join us to help out during what will be a very joyful and unique time, please do get in touch using the forms below.

There are camping spaces available for guests around the Visākha, May 5-11 or at the time of the sangha gathering, May 20-29. The Open Retreat, May 12-19, is currently fully booked for camping, with a waiting list.

To stay at the monastery in May, contact the guestmonk or guestnun:

To make a general enquiry or to ask about Dāna, use the general enquiries form below: