Amaravati’s long-term plans

NarindoRebuilding Amaravati

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Amaravati Buddhist Monastery has recently unveiled plans to redevelop the site, replacing the original wooden buildings built in 1939.

This is a long-term project and will be implemented in phases, perhaps taking up to thirty years or longer, and dependent upon as and when funds become available.

On Saturday 27th July 2013 the monastery hosted an Open Day for the local community to visit and get to know us, and hear about these plans for the future. Among other things, people had the opportunity to view a scale model of the proposed building-plans (see photo above), carefully developed over the past two years by a dedicated team of people made up of Sangha members, lay residents and experts from outside the monastery.

The display boards created for the Open Day can be viewed below. A selection of these boards, along with the model, will be placed on semi-permanent display at the monastery, somewhere near the Sala. People wishing to view this are welcome at any time.

Listen to Next 30 years Amaravati by Ajahn Amaro