Āsāḷhā Pūjā 2021 – July 24th

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Most years in our monasteries the full moon of July, Āsāḷhā Pūjā, is a day of significant celebration. The lay and monastic communities gather to recollect the occasion of the Buddha’s first teaching – the Discourse on the Setting in Motion of the Wheel of Dhamma – where he described the Middle Way and the Four Noble Truths for the very first time. This teaching was given on the full moon of Āsāḷhā, at the Isipatana Deer Park, outside of Varanasi, just two months after the Buddha’s enlightenment. 

            Sadly, on account of the ongoing pandemic, on Āsāḷhā Pūjā this year we are not able to host a gathering for lay Dhamma friends beyond the maximum of 30 people that we are allowing into Amaravati each morning. Luang Por Sumedho will be giving a Dhamma talk that afternoon which will be recorded and then posted on this website as soon as possible afterwards.

            As we did on this day last year, the resident community will gather in the evening and have our own, small, candlelit circumambulation. We hope that you, all our regular supporters and friends, will be able to join us in spirit for this occasion and in the anticipation that we will be able to hold our festival days in a more familiar and open way again before too long.