An Evening to Reflect upon Leadership – and a Bonfire Beacon – June the 2nd

Adicco BhikkhuNews

On the 2nd of June, 2022, we will have an evening dedicated to the well-being of Queen Elizabeth II. It will be an occasion to offer respects and good wishes to mark the 70th Anniversary of her reign – the Platinum Jubilee. Beacons are being lit all around the UK to mark this occasion at 21:45 on this day.

The outline of the evening’s events is as follows: 

  • 19:30: Chanting in the Temple: The community gathers for the evening pūjā. On this occasion we will recite the Paritta chanting, verses of blessing and protection.
  • 19:45:  Silent meditation
  • 20:30 –21:20: A Dhamma Talk offered by Ajahn Amaro on the Ten Raja-dhammas, or the ‘qualities of an ideal monarch’. This is based on teachings that the Buddha, who had himself been a prince before going forth into the holy life, gave to Indian monarchs of his time.
  • 21.30: Gather at the bonfire site, which is in the big field, south of the Retreat Centre buildings – everyone welcome!
  • 21:45: Lighting the bonfire beacon & the chanting of blessings
  • 22:00: Hot chocolate around the bonfire, for those who wish to linger.

May all beings be well.