Cultivating Peace and Wisdom with Ajahn Amaro – organized by The Theosophical Society

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With so much stress, conflict, and tension in the world today, the Buddha’s teachings on cultivating a peaceful heart and mind are very timely. These teachings are not concerned with metaphysical or philosophical speculations, but rather provide practical guidelines for developing and applying mindfulness and wisdom to our experience of life.

Ajahn Amaro is widely beloved for his insightful, down-to-earth teachings in the Theravada forest tradition of Venerable Ajahn Chah. In this live online workshop, he will share thoughtful insights on various aspects of Buddhist teachings and practices conveyed with characteristic warmth, clarity, and humor. Through this practice we can learn to live truly meaningful lives with a light and peaceful heart, unburdened by anger, fear or anxiety.

It is from this still place deep within ourselves—fully present and open—that we can benevolently respond to whatever’s happening all around us, and by our example show others how to do the same. This is what makes the teachings of the Buddha both timely and timeless—and invaluable.

The workshop includes talks, guided meditation, and question-and-answer sessions with Ajahn Amaro. It is an extraordinary opportunity to deepen your understanding and practice of the Dharma and learn more about:

  • The nature of mindfulness
  • Cultivating stillness and silence in meditation
  • Wise reflection on the nature of life
  • The liberating power of seeing things as they truly are

Saturday, 14th November 2020 @ 19:00 – 21:30 GMT (13:00 – 15:30 CST)

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