Dhamma Books Library

3000 Hours of Meditation

By Ajahn Achalo / 2020 / English

Personal Journal entries shared with Dhamma friends, with a closing chapter offering practical advice on how to make one’s life a Sacred Pilgrimage.

A Dhamma Compass

By Ajahn Pasanno / 2007 / English

Introduction Phra Ajahn Pasanno took a sabbatical leave to stay in Thailand in 2006. Phra Ajahn was ever so kind to find time to meet with and teach the Thai...

A Dhammapada for Contemplation

By Ajahn Munindo / 2011 / English

Preface to First Edition Traveling through the central Scottish Highlands one can catch an inspiring glimpse of that sacred mountain of Celtic culture, Schiehallion. This rocky beauty can be viewed...

A Taste of Freedom

By Ajahn Chah / 2018 / English

This book is part of a set of 6 titles reprinted to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Ajahn Chah, made available for free distribution on 17th June 2018. The...

A to Z of Corruption

By / 2020 / English

Corruption, Conflict of Interest, Cronyism, Complacency The word corruption is used for all kinds of dishonest and unethical behaviour. A ‘conflict of interest’ is a situation in which someone’s private...

Abhayagiri Chanting Book

By / 2010 / English, Pali

Morning and Evening Chanting (Puja), Reflections, and Suttas, as Used by Buddhist Monasteries and Groups Associated with the Western Forest Sangha in the Lineage of Venerable Ajahn Chah

Ajahn Chahs Teachings On Nature

By Ajahn Pasanno / 2014 / English

A Dhamma talk given at Abhayagiri Monastery in September of 2011 by Pasanno Bhikkhu. Tomorrow I am invited to teach a day-long retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center on the...

Alert to the Needs of the Journey

By Ajahn Munindo / 2018 / English

Eight chapters of teachings recently given by Ajahn Munindo at Aruna Ratanagiri Monastery.

An Introduction to the Life and Teachings of Ajahn Chah

By Ajahn Amaro / 2013 / English

One evening in Northeast Thailand... Night is falling swiftly. The forest reverberates with the undulating buzz of countless crickets and the eerie rising wail of tropical cicadas. A few stars...