A Dhamma Compass

NarindoAbhayagiri Monastery, Dhamma Book


Phra Ajahn Pasanno took a sabbatical leave to stay in Thailand in 2006. Phra Ajahn was ever so kind to find time to meet with and teach the Thai people at Bahn Boon, Pakchong, once a month for the entire year. As a way of showing their deep sense of gratitude, the lay followers asked for his permission to publish a book of his teachings for free distribution.

A Dhamma Compass is a collection of three dhamma talks that Phra Ajahn gave in the three winter retreats during 2003-2005 at Abhayagiri. Debbie Stamp was most helpful and instrumental in ensuring that the manuscripts were ready and arrived in time. Ronna Kabatznick was the editor of the talks, and Dee Cope helped transcribe the talks, to whom all of us would like to record our thanks. Ajahn Amaro and Ajahn Jayasaro were so kind as to look over the final version of the texts.

All the lay followers of Phra Ajahn Pasanno would like to express their sincere appreciation to all those who had made possible the publication of this book.”

Excerpt From: Ajahn Pasanno. “A Dhamma Compass.”