2020 English

Corruption, Conflict of Interest, Cronyism, Complacency
The word corruption is used for all kinds of dishonest and unethical behaviour.

A ‘conflict of interest’ is a situation in which someone’s private interests are opposed to their responsibilities to other people. This can lead to ‘Cronyism’, which is when someone important gives jobs to their friends rather than employing the best people with the necessary skills and experience.

‘Complacency’ is a feeling of smug or careless satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements and can lead to ignoring, or even not realizing, that there is a conflict of interest in one’s business.

Morality, Money
Morality is the principle of responsibility used to control behaviour and is derived from a basis of learning, as well as from the innate human sense of honour. These moral standards can be cultivated in families, and they also include regional beliefs and practices. It is used to prevent all kinds of corruption because any moral person will be afraid of doing the wrong thing or feel guilty because of their own immorality, even though some of these actions might not be illegal. A moral person will not allow themselves to be bought with the power of money because correct behaviour and ethical conduct cannot be swayed by financial temptation.