by Ajahn Amaro 2013 English


Almost daily the media tell us that this is a time of environmental crisis. In 2012 the northern polar ice cap melted more than ever before in human memory. Species are said to be disappearing faster than at any time since the last mass extinction, 70 million years ago. Extreme storms and floods are becoming more common events, and 2012 was one of the ten warmest globally since record-keeping began 160 years ago. It does indeed seem to be a time of crisis.

When we consider the fragile and fleeting biosphere that we live in, these changes we are seeing and experiencing all around us can easily lead us to fear: What is going to happen? Will my home be destroyed by flood or fire? Will the droughts lead to food shortages? Will all the birds and fishes die? Will our children and grandchildren – and we humans – survive? And is there anything I can do in response to this crisis that will truly make a difference?

One phenomenon that does not get a lot of attention is that things have a tendency to create their opposites: times of war can give rise to occasions of unparalleled kindness[…]

Excerpt From: Ajahn Amaro. “For the Love of the World.”