by Ajahn Chah, Thanissaro Bhikkhu English, Thai - ไทย

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On August 23, 1978, Sanya Dhammasak, the Chief Privy Councilor, along with his family, visited Wat Nong Pa Pong to pay respect to Ven. Ajahn Chah. In the midst of their Dhamma conversation, Ajahn Chah gave a Dhamma talk that is transcribed and translated here.

An earlier, condensed translation of this talk was included in the book, A Taste of Freedom, under the title, “The Peace Beyond.” A condensed transcript of the original Thai was printed in the book, นอกเหตุ เหนือผล, under the title,


Last year I became interested in the talk and asked Ginger Vathanasombat to track down the original recording. With the help of Phra Atiwat Cittadanto she found it as an MP3 file under the title, “ปฏิบัติท่ีกายท่ีใจ.” Seeing the many

differences between this recording and the earlier Thai transcript, I asked her to make a new transcript, which is included in Part Two of this book. The translation, which is based on the new transcript, is given here.

As you will see from both the transcript and the translation, the MP3 file contains occasional gaps and appears to have been pieced together from different tape recordings. What’s more, the different parts of the recording seem to have been placed in the wrong order, with the second half of the talk before the first. This point is suggested both by the earlier translation and transcript, and by the fact that the beginning of the MP3 file appears to be a continuation of the discussion at the end.

Thus, for both the new transcript and translation we have placed the two halves in what appears to be the correct order, and have marked the spot where the MP3 file begins with a double asterisk.

We hope that the new transcript and translation will be of use. — Thanissaro Bhikkhu