The Body

NarindoAmaravati Publications, Dhamma Book


This collection of nuns’ talks, which were originally offered to the monastic communities and during meditation retreats for lay people, focus on two main themes. The first is obvious but, remarkably, overlooked by many people: our very existence as a physical presence – how that changes and how it ends. The second theme, the Buddha’s teaching, which he referred to as the Four Noble Truths, begins with what is obvious: ‘Life is stressful’, However, having enumerated the causes of this state of affairs, it quickly moves on to the supremely subtle remedy – what the late Ven. Ajahn Chah referred to as ‘letting go’.

We hope, as we reflect on these themes, that our respective approaches and voices will contribute to a cohesive sense of the remarkable legacy of the Buddha himself, and of his disciples over the past 2,500 years. The teachings are timeless; our practice enlivens them. This collection is an indication of what they have meant to each of us, and how that understanding has been passed on to others of our human family. May it serve as a support for all who are interested in meeting life with wisdom, facing up to the challenge of dealing[…]

Excerpt From: Ajahn Sundara, Ajahn Candasiri and Ajahn Metta. “The Body.”