The Last Breath

NarindoAbhayagiri Monastery, Dhamma Book


The Buddha encouraged us to develop mindfulness of death with the consideration, “Oh, were I to live just for the time of breathing in after the out-breath or breathing out after the in-breath, I would direct my mind of the Blessed One’s teaching. Much, indeed, could then be done by me!” The Buddha commended those who contemplate in this way, saying that they “live diligently, and that they develop mindfulness of death ardently for the destruction of the underlying defilements.” (A.8.73) [..]

The following story is of a person who was able to utilise the adverse circumstances of incarceration Death Row in San Quentin Prison and develop the inner resources to face his death with courage, grace and compassion. I had the good fortune to be invited to act as spiritual advisor fo his final days. Not having met him before [..]


Excerpts From: Ajahn Pasanno. “The Last Breath.”