by Abhayagiri Sangha 2014 English


This book is an exhaustive survey of the Buddha’s exhortations from the Pali Canon addressed in the form “thus … should you train yourselves” (evañhi vosikkhitabbaṃ). The passages are organized by theme and roughly follow the gradual path taught in the Mahā-Assapurasutta (MN 39). In addition to outlining a gradual course, this sutta is one of the primary sources for this type of injunction.

The Buddha used this form of address when speaking to many different people, tailoring each teaching to the capacities of his listeners and the circumstances of culture. One instance of this specificity is the training advice given to the soon-to-be-married daughters of Uggaha (AN 5.33). These instructions, which exemplify the monastic virtue of hospitality (paṭisanthāra), along with others given to very specific audiences, have been included for completeness.

The English translations are an attempted balance of literalness, ease of chanting, and, where applicable, accord with the chanting books of the Western Forest Sangha. The the translations of Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu and Bhikkhu Bodhi were consulted frequently with gratitude.

To create a sense of cohesiveness echoing the conclusion of the Bhikkhu Pātimokkha, the postscript “The Exposition of That Which Is to be Trained In is finished” (sikkhitabbuddesa niṭṭhitaṃ) has been added.

This work was made possible by the Digital Pali Reader and the support of the Abhayagiri community.

May all beings be happy.