Entering the Rains

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Luang Por’s talks

Luang Por Sumedho has kindly agreed to resume his offering of a weekly Dhamma Talk on the moon days, starting from tomorrow, Tuesday, 1st August (Āsāḷha Puja). We have amended our online calendar accordingly and will try to update it if a talk is cancelled. Otherwise, for this upcoming vassa, you can expect a Dhamma Talk by Luang Por on each moon day at 3pm in the Temple. As usual, video recordings will be uploaded shortly after to our YouTube channel.

Āsāḷha Puja

You are warmly invited to join us for Āsāḷha Puja, which traditionally celebrates the Buddha’s first sermon, the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta. The evening’s proceedings will begin at the usual time, 7.30pm, and although there will not be a Dhamma Talk – as it will be given by Luang Por on that day at 3pm – we will perform a candle-lit circumambulation in the field.

Sunday Talks

As is customary at Amaravati during the vassa, our weekly Sunday Talks at 2pm will begin next Sunday, the 6th of August with Ajahn Amaro on theme of “Breathing spirit into form ~ how to use religious conventions without losing sight of the goal of spiritual life.” The programme is available here.

May all beings be at ease,
The resident community at Amaravati