May 2023

Adicco BhikkhuNews


On Sunday 7th May at 2pm in the Temple, Anagārikā Evgeniia will make her formal request for Acceptance into the nuns’ community. All are welcome to attend this auspicious event and offer support to An. Evgeniia who has been training diligently as a white-robed postulant for almost 3 years.

Memorial for Ajahn Gandhasilo

On Monday the 8th, we will have a memorial ceremony for Ajahn Gandhasilo, which will begin at 1pm in the Temple. We will also lay some of his ashes in our memorial garden, so there will be an outdoor element to the ceremony as well. We will have the pleasure of hosting two visiting elders – Ajahn Kongrit and Ajahn Punnyo – for a few days, as they will be attending the ceremony.


This year, according to our monastic calendar, Vesākha Pūjā (Vesak) takes place on Saturday 3 June. To celebrate this auspicious day, which traditionally marks the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and passing into Parinibbāna, we will, in addition to our usual evening puja schedule on observance days, perform a circumambulation in the cloister.

On the next day, Sunday 4 June, we will have a festival day to celebrate the occasion in a more public fashion. The schedule of this day will consist of the traditional rice pindapat (alms-round) in the morning, and a Dhamma talk in the afternoon.

We will give more details on these two events within the next few weeks.

May all beings be at ease,
The resident community at Amaravati