Luang Por returns

Adicco BhikkhuNews

The community at Amaravati is delighted to announce that Luang Por Sumedho will be returning on the 11th of November from his extended sojourn in the US and Canada. We understand that, after settling in, Luang Por will resume his weekly offering of Dhamma reflections on moon days. We will update the events calendar on our website accordingly.

Please note that as before, Luang Por, at his venerable age, is generally not available to meet with guests and visitors. If there is a significant reason for which you wish to contact him, please write a letter to the monastery addressed to him, or email our office.

In any case, we are very happy to have Luang Por and his attendant Ajahn Asoko back on site at Amaravati, although it will only be for a short time as they are set to leave for Thailand in early December. We hope that their short stay at Amaravati over the autumn will be restful and pleasant.

Demolition of the sala – photo album

As mentioned in an earlier news announcement, there has been significant progress regarding the demolition of the old sala, and we have compiled a photo album that you can access here.

Nuns’ new buildings – photo album

The nuns’ new buildings are nearly done, and the female monastic community hopes to be able to move there towards the end of November. Photos of the new site can be accessed here.

Kathina – meditation workshop cancelled

The Temple will need to be prepared and decorated for the big event, so there will be no meditation workshop on Saturday 4 November. Additionally, evening puja on that day, and on Kathina day, are also cancelled.

Meal time change

Following the nationwide going back of the clocks, we are now in our ‘winter routine’ with the anumodana (meal blessing) taking place at 10:45am on weekdays, and 10.30am on Sundays.