Mindfulness and Buddhism in the West: Where are they headed and what challenges do they face?

Adicco BhikkhuDhamma Article, News

A Dhamma Article by Ajahn Amaro

A talk given at The Humanities Center, Ho Center for Buddhist Studies,
Stanford University, California, on November 7th, 2018

When we consider Buddhism and Mindfulness – what are the prospects? What are the challenges? What can we look forward to? What direction are they heading in?

My first response is ‘Good question!’ The future is unknown. It is uncertain but we can possibly see various trends that are already taking shape. There are projections that we can make into the future. One small caveat that I would make is that sometimes things that seem to be obvious trends in a powerful direction, can collapse. And things that seem to be small, insubstantial and insignificant, can turn out to be the defining or dominant quality… [download the full article below]