Mudita Ceremony, December 27

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During his recent visit to Thailand, on December 5, Ajahn Amaro was given the royal title of Chao Khun Phra Witehtbutthikhun (Videsabuddhiguṇa).

This is a great honour to him and to the Amaravati Sangha. To express our appreciation, we will be holding a “Mudita Ceremony” on Sunday December 27 in the Amaravati temple, starting at 1:30 pm. Monks from other monasteries are also attending this gathering.

Ajahn Pasanno, the abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery in the USA was given the royal title Chao Khun Phra Bodhinyanawiteht (Bodhiñānavidesa) on the same occasion.

In the past, Luang Por Chah had been honoured with the Chao Khun title as Phra Bodhinyanathera, Luang Por Sumedho as Phra Rajasumedhajahn, and Luang Por Khemadhammo as Phra Bhavanaviteht.

Everybody is welcome to come and join us for this special occasion.