New Year’s Eve 2022

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On the evening of the 31st of December 2022, Amaravati will have a special program to enter the new year:

  • 19:30 Chanting & meditation
  • 20:30 Dhamma Talk (likely by Ajahn Amaro)
  • 23:30 Paritta chanting
  • After midnight: Hot drinks are served in the sala (all are welcome to join)

The Temple will remain open until the next morning for those who wish to extend their meditation practice.

The library, sala and kitchen will also remain open and heated throughout the evening. You are welcome to use any of these facilities, especially if you wish to take a break and make yourself a hot drink between the Dhamma talk and paritta chanting.

We hope that you will be able to join for this event, and look forward to entering the New Year together in a wholesome, skillful way.

May all beings be at ease,
The resident community at Amaravati

PS: On the night before, will have our usual moon day gathering with the giving of the eight precepts; however, no Dhamma talk will be given on that night, as one will be given on NYE.