Kathina 2023

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ภาษาไทย Kathina Map The Kathina festival at Amaravati will be held this year on Sunday, 26th November 2023, and we warmly invite you to join us in person to celebrate … Read More

Ending the rains – 2023

Samanera SamahitoNews

At dawn on Monday 30 October, the monastic community completed the vassa (rains-retreat), Amaravati’s 40th this year. The day before was “Pavarana day”, on which a formal ceremony for monastics … Read More

Young Persons’ Day – Nov 11

Samanera SamahitoNews

We will offer a young persons’ day at Amaravati on 11th November 2023. This retreat is for young people aged 13 to 19 years who want to practise Buddhism together. … Read More