Sangha Winter Retreat

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This year, the Sangha winter retreat will be starting on Saturday 3rd January and ending on Tuesday 31st March. For this three month period, the monastics put down their duties … Read More

Looking Ahead Winter 2015

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Looking Ahead is a quarterly bulletin from Amaravati. This issue contains news about Amaravati, especially news of the past year and information regarding the 2015 winter retreat. It also has … Read More

Forest Sangha Newsletter 2015


The 2015 issue of Forest Sangha Newsletter is now published and available for download by clicking here. Hard copies are freely available at all of the monasteries associated with this newsletter. Forest Sangha … Read More

New Years’s Eve 2014

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There will be an evening puja in the Temple at Amaravati until midnight on Wednesday 31st December. This will begin with chanting and meditation at 7.30pm, followed by a Dhamma … Read More