Nuns’ area building works to start on April 15

Amaravati WebmasterRebuilding Amaravati

Building work in the nuns’ area of the monastery will start on April 15 and continue until the end of the year. Two new buildings are being constructed: a senior nuns’ dwelling (Amara Kuti) and a multi-purpose community building (Nissoko) that will contain a hall, bowl-washing area, small library and offices. Four of the old buildings will also be demolished as part of the project. Foundation and major construction work is likely to take place from April to July.

PLEASE NOTE Part of the car-park by the back gate (the kitchen car-park) will be fenced off starting April 15 and not available for visitors until further notice. All visitors are requested to use the main car park by the main entrance. Please do not park outside the monastery.

Amaravati Long-term plan for the Nuns’ Area – Amara and Nissoko to be completed in 2019