Upcoming ordination ceremonies

Adicco BhikkhuNews

We are glad to have four ordination ceremonies lined up in the following weeks. All of the following are public events to which you are warmly invited, and are set to take place in the Temple at Amaravati, unless otherwise specified:

  • Monday 30 May, at 3pm: Anagārikās Miki and Margit will request pabbajjā to join the community of sīladhārā.
  • Sunday 5 June, at 2pm: Sāmanera Khemī, a Brazilian novice who travelled all the way from Brazil with his teacher, Ajahn Mudito, will request bhikkhu ordination (upasampadā).
  • Sunday 5 June, at 7.30pm: Maurice, Alan and potentially Martin (depending on his visa!) will request anagārika precepts. These three laymen were part of the winter retreat support team at Amaravati this year, and have decided to ask for the opportunity to take up monastic training.