The new Nuns’ Accommodation Building – November 2022

We are very happy to announce that the new Nuns’ Accommodation Buildings are now complete. There are two buildings with 18 bedrooms in total and a utility building which houses a sewing room, exercise room, sauna, laundry and drying room and storage spaces. The completion of these buildings provides a conducive environment for the nuns’ community of Amaravati to live and practise together in one place within the monastery.

We have prepared a list of items that will furnish and equip it well for the use of the nuns’ community. Your interest and support is greatly appreciated.

For ease of administration, funds donated will be matched against items in the order in which they are purchased by the monastery. The items purchased will be taken off the list when the funds are received by the English Sangha Trust (EST). The list will be updated on our website on a regular basis to reflect the remaining items yet to be purchased.

Please do not buy the items yourself as this complicates suppliers’ guarantees and the item may already have been ordered or included in the builder’s contract. Your donation is especially effective both if you can Gift Aid it and also when the monastery can purchase it free of VAT, which private individuals cannot do.

If you would like to make a donation of funds for any of the items listed, which include VAT, delivery and installation costs where applicable, you can make your donation using CAF Online Donations.

If more funds are offered than are needed for the Nuns’ Accommodation Building they will be put towards the general EST Funds.

The list of items for fit-out can be found on this document which will be kept up-to-date.

You can donate at CAF online by clicking this link. Anumodana!

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    Aerial view of the site – November 2022