Joining the meeting in Zoom

The online retreats will be using Zoom. These are the guidelines for our Zoom online retreats:

  1. Waiting Room: After logging in, you will initially be placed in a Waiting Room, so only registered retreatants will be admitted.
  2. Zoom Display Name (Important): The host will check your zoom display name to make sure you are registered. Make sure your zoom display name is the same as the FULL NAME YOU REGISTERED with. (Support page: Change your name in Zoom).
    If somebody else in your household is intending to join you on the retreat we ask him/her to also register for the retreat and to take part in the entire retreat.
  3. Once the retreat has started, we recommend that you choose the speaker view in your Zoom app. (Support page: speaker view) You can also “pin it” when the teacher starts the retreat, so his or her image will remain on your screen.
  4. We strongly encourage you to keep your Camera ON during the meditations, chanting and question and answer sessions. This is to support the space and to create the experience of being on retreat together, just as if we were sharing the same physical space.
  5. Your microphone will be on mute upon entry, but you will be able to unmute yourself when appropriate. Please unmute only when instructed to do so by the Retreat Managers or the Teacher.
  6. During walking meditations and break times, please switch your camera off and switch it on again when you return.
  7. We advise you to minimise the chance of interruptions as far as possible. But if you are interrupted or have to get up and do something during a session, please stop your video to avoid distracting others. 
  8. Please remain logged in for the duration of the day and do not log off from the main room at any time until the day ends at 21:00.
  9. Please do not record or take pictures of the session, or share any of the retreats on social media. An audio copy of Dhamma talks and question and answer sessions will be available to you in due time.