Retreats outside of Amaravati

Although most of the retreats organised by Amaravati Retreat Centre are set to take place online for the next few years, senior monks and nuns from Amaravati are often invited to lead in-person retreats elsewhere. Some of these ’External Retreats’ are listed below, but please note that the Amaravati Retreat Organisers do not arrange the bookings and do not have any further information about these external retreats. For further information, links for queries and bookings are given where available.


  • Ajahn Amaro – 23 to 3 April – Aruna Ratanagiri, Harnham, England (info & bookings)
  • Ajahn Amaro – 15 to 19 May – Berghof, Frankfurt, Germany (info & bookings)
  • Ajahn Amaro – 20 to 21 May – Tibethaus, Frankfurt, Germany (info & bookings)
  • Ajahn Amaro – 23 June to 2 July – Pu Chaisai, Chiang Rai, Thailand (registration details not yet available)


  • [TBC] Ajahn Asoko – 14 to 24 April – Le Refuge, France
  • Ajahn Amaro – 3 to 12 May – IMS, MA, USA