Sangha Winter Retreat

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This year, the Sangha winter retreat will be starting on Saturday 3rd January and ending on Tuesday 31st March. For this three month period, the monastics put down their duties and outside engagements to practice in noble silence as a group as well as having the opportunity to spend some of the retreat time in solitude. A group of lay people, the winter retreat support team, come to spend a month or longer at the monastery during this time to help take care of the various duties that continue through this quiet time and to practice. This is a settled time at Amaravati, with minimal outside activity.

During this time lay visitors are most welcome to join in with the routine of group sitting and walking meditation. Click here for the group practice schedule.

Staying Overnight & Visiting

There is no overnight accommodation available and the guest monk/guest nun will not be answering queries from January until the end of March. Guest bookings will resume in April 2015. The Retreat Centre is closed, with the first retreat of 2015 taking place in early April. Visitors are still very welcome to come to participate in the meal offering at 11 am, attend the weekly Saturday afternoon meditation workshops, spend some quiet time, use the library, attend the moon day talks or the daily readings in the sāla and join in the group meditation in the temple.

General Monastery Enquiries and Office Hours

From Jan 3 to March 31, the office is open from 8.30-11.00 am, Mon-Fri only. At other times, there is an answer phone for leaving messages. The monastery secretary will check messages regularly but only reply to those deemed absolutely urgent. General enquiries will be filed away to be answered once the winter retreat is over.