Sunday Afternoon Talks 2014 (13th July to 5th October)

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In keeping with an established tradition, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery will be offering Sunday afternoon Dhamma talks during the traditional three-month ‘Rains Retreat’ which runs from the full moon of July until to the full moon of October.

The talks will take place every Sunday beginning on the 13th of July and continuing through until the 5th of October. The talks commence at 2.00pm (in the Sala) and will be followed by 15 minute a break for tea (3pm). Then the afternoon will continue with a period of questions and answers.

The Sunday talks will be as follows:

13th July     Ajahn Amaro               Marananussati—contemplations of death

20th July     Ajahn Sundara             Believing in assumptions versus reality

27th July     Luang Por Sumedho     The way it is

3rd Aug       Ajahn Amaro               The blessings of this human life

10th Aug       Ajahn Amaro             If you truly love me, don’t create me in your mind

17th Aug     Ajahn Kalyano             Wisdom and Samadhi

24th Aug     Ajahn Sundara             How to stop thinking

31st Aug     Ajahn Amaro               Work and the path

7th Sept       Ajahn Bodhipala           I am the owner of my Kamma

14th Sept     Ajahn Nyanarato           Topic to be decided

21st Sept     Ajahn Sundara             Letting go versus getting rid of

28th Sept     Ajahn Amaro             What is the best religion?

5th Oct         Ajahn Nyanarato         Gratitude to parents