Sunday Talks’ programme (2023)

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Each Sunday of the vassa, a Dhamma talk is given at 2pm in the Temple. There is usually a tea break at 3pm, followed by a Q&A session.

Audio recordings of these sessions will be made available on our website (a link will be added on this page in due course.)

6 AugBreathing spirit into form ~ how to use religious conventions without losing sight of the goal of spiritual life.Ajahn Amaro
13Don’t grasp, let it go! Ajahn Sundara
20Your money or your life!Ajahn Asoko
27Is the Buddha’s teaching able to solve all problems in life?Ajahn Amaro
Sept 3How to work with self-sabotaging tendencies.Ajahn Amaro
10The power of the preceptsAjahn Khemaka
17Who is the one contemplating ‘not-self’?Ajahn Sundara
24With the body of an animal and the mind of a god…Ajahn Kalyano
Oct 1How can I be at peace when the world is at war?Ajahn Vinita
8The place where nothing can go.Ajahn Amaro
15Choose life, choose inconvenience!Ajahn Amaro
22Beyond compare: don’t believe, don’t conceive.Ajahn Amaro