Sunday talks: schedule & audio

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Each Sunday of the vassa, a Dhamma talk is given at 2pm in the Temple. There is usually a tea break at 3pm, followed by a Q&A session.

Recordings of these events are available on our website and on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

17 July‘Go away, I’m practising mettā!’Ajahn Amaro
24 July‘Nice guys finish last’ … or do they?Ajahn Amaro
31 JulyHow to teach paṭicca samuppāda to your dog.Ajahn Amaro
7 AugWhen all is said and done, the most important thing is… what?Ajahn Bodhipala
14 AugHow can living in a warring, chaotic world be useful for undertaking the Path?Ajahn Sundara
21 AugWho shares, wins.Ajahn Kongrit
28 AugStress-based mindfulness reduction.Ajahn Amaro
4 SeptWhat became of Māra?Ajahn Amaro
11 SeptDon’t be anyone at all.Ajahn Vimalo
18 Sept‘Can I enjoy sensual pleasures without suffering?’Ajahn Sundara
25 Sept‘He always complained that he didn’t have shoes to wear until one day he met a person without feet.’Ajahn Khemaka
2 OctDon’t get low, let go.Ajahn Nyanadassano
9 OctSīla, a new definition of intelligence.Ajahn Amaro