Supporting the Amaravati sangha

In going forth as monks and nuns, sangha members give up control of all but the most simple of life’s requisites. Gifts of money and land offered to the sangha at Amaravati and Cittaviveka monasteries are therefore stewarded by laypeople through The English Sangha Trust, a registered Charitable Company. This section of the site is intended to help supporters understand how to offer donations of money and skills to the community.

Lay supporters assisting with the meal preparations

How you can contribute to Amaravati

All Forest Sangha monasteries are maintained by the goodwill offerings of supporters and practitioners. Many people give time and offer their skills, from driving members of the community, to IT and redecorating. If you would like to offer your support in any way, you could contact the Lotus Volunteer Group. Additionally, vacancies for long-term lay residents arise from time to time, giving laypeople the opportunity to offer their skills for a year or more in a particular area such as the kitchen or grounds. These opportunities are advertised on the website, see announcements.

Food offerings at Amaravati

Food donations or offering a meal at the monastery

Please go to the Food – Dana page of this site for detailed information.

The new Nuns’ Accommodation Buildings, completed in November 2022.

Financial Donations

Like all Theravada Buddhist communities, the Sangha at Amaravati is supported by dana, free-will offerings. As monks and nuns cannot handle money, The English Sangha Trust acts as their steward. (Registered charity no. 231310, Limited Company no. 565499, registered office: Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, Great Gaddesden, HP1 3BZ).

Ways of making a financial donation