Kathina 2021 – Dana List

Kathina Dana list 2021

Below is our Kathina Dana List for this year. These items have been carefully reviewed and are considered very useful for the community.

If you are interested in supporting any of the items below, please inform us by pressing the green GIVE button after you have chosen an item. You can then fill in your name and email address and a message so we know this item can be removed from this list. In this way we will be able to regularly update the list of items to avoid supporters getting items that are no longer needed by the monastery.

If you would like to offer any of the items or have any questions, please email Sharron, the Kathina list contact person [email protected].

The items can either be brought to the monastery (e.g. on the Kathina day or earlier) or send to:

FAO: Kathina 2021 – your name
Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
St. Margarets
Great Gaddesden

Anumodhana for all your generous support.

Kathina List

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