Luang Por Sumedho – kuti for Ajahn Vajiro in Portugal

In celebration of his 90th birthday, Luang Por Sumedho has suggested that donations dedicated to his welfare be directed to Sumedharama in Portugal to support the building of a kuti for Ajahn Vajiro. Luang Por Sumedho feels that his personal welfare is extremely well-supported already, so this suggestion of his is not going to impact his own care in any way.

The plans for this kuti, and the way to make donations, can be found by following this link to the website of Sumedharama in Portugal. There, donations can be made directly to Sumedharama in Portugal. UK donors will find, in that same link, details on how their donation could be made through the Theravada Monastic Trust, a UK-based charity no 1127588, set up to support monasteries, including Sumedharama, around the world. Eligible donations through the TMT can also result in the addition of UK Gift-Aid.