The Temple is now open to visitors

Julian WallNews

The monastery is trying to find ways to relax the various restrictions we have under the Covid pandemic situation and it has now been agreed to move the location for the Anumodana from the marquee to the Temple. 

  • The other regulations, such as wearing face coverings, a maximum number of 30 visitors per day and no entry to the other buildings except the visitors’ toilets remain the same. 
  • The marquee is still available for visitors. 
  • The visiting hours continue as 10:30 – 13:00. 

Please read this recent update for details.

To book a visit please click here.

The Temple building has been closed to general visitors since March 2020. The Amaravati community is very glad that visitors are now able to join the Anumodana ceremony in the Temple as well as to stay there quietly during visiting hours, if they so wish.