Updated Tier 4 information


Due to surging coronavirus cases, London and Southeast England (including Amaravati) are now at Tier Four Alert Level: Stay at Home. To slow the spread of the new coronavirus strain, the government advises citizens to travel for only essential purposes and to stay as close to home as possible. We urge Amaravati supporters to abide by the letter and spirit of these regulations until the situation eases.

Although bringing food to Amaravati might qualify as an essential delivery under Tier 4 rules, the new regulations clearly prohibit social contact between different households at places of worship, even outdoors. Thus we ask anyone bringing food to Amaravati not to interact with either the Amaravati residents or other donors.

At times like these the value of refuge in Dhamma becomes more apparent. However much we feel frustrated or disappointed by disruption in our lives and unwelcome changes to our plans, it is exactly to this extent that we have taken refuge in the future. There were no guarantees in the first place. The recollection, “It was uncertain after all! How did I let myself forget?” can bring us back to the Dhamma perspective.

Amaravati Monastery maintains its online presence during the pandemic. There will be a live-streamed program on New Year’s Day.  The Saturday meditation workshop continues online. Paritta chanting, refuges, and precepts are live-streamed on Sundays beginning at 10:30 am. See our calendar for details of these and other online events.