Visākha Festival (Wesak) 2022

Adicco BhikkhuNews

We will be hosting our Visākha festival on Sunday the 15th of May 2022. Traditionally, this event celebrates three key events in the Buddha’s life, considered to have taken place on the full moon of May: his birth, Awakening and parinibbāna (final passing away.)

Please see below the timetable for the day (all events, except alms-round, take place in the Temple)

  • 10:30 Paritta chanting
  • 11:00 Rice pindapat (alms-round)
  • 13:30 Precepts taking and remarks from Ajahn Amaro
  • 14:00 Dhamma reflection from Luang Por Sumedho (livestreamed)

NB: There should be a system in place for those who wish to bring cooked food or other offerings; please follow the signs or verbal instructions as you arrive at the monastery’s main gate.

You are also welcome to join in with the evening’s proceedings:

  • 19:30 Chanting (Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta)
    Sitting meditation
    Circumambulation of the stupa in the field

Please note that Luang Por Sumedho will depart from Amaravati the next day for North America and will be away until November. Then, he will return for a short period before leaving again for Thailand until February 2023. So this would be a good opportunity to see him before his departure.