Dhammapada Reflections Vol 1

NarindoAruno Publications, Dhamma Book


The radiance of the Buddha’s wisdom reaches us here today, lighting the path that guides us towards freedom from suffering. The luminosity of the Dhamma is reflected in the words and deeds of those who follow the Buddha’s Teachings. Millions of men and women have caught a glimpse of this light in the midst of our dark world. Guided by the Teacher’s words they have come to recognise the warm-heartedness and clarity that is their true nature.

This book contains a selection of 52 verses taken from The Dhammapada. Accompanying each verse is a short paragraph by Ajahn Munindo, a Theravadin Buddhist monk and currently abbot of Aruna Ratanagiri monastery in Northumberland, UK. The complete Dhammapada contains 423 verses, each a timeless example of the Buddha’s radiant wisdom. They are: ‘very old artefacts that miraculously contain within them the profound utterances of the Buddha’, as Thomas Jones says in the Afterword of “A Dhammapada for Contemplation” 2006, the publication from which these verses are taken.

The message of both the original verses and the comments Ajahn Munindo offers are received in a form that is neither preaching nor doctrinal. The verses are translations from an oriental language[…]

Excerpt From: Ajahn Munindo. “Dhammapada Reflections.”