Without and Within

NarindoDhamma Book, Panyaprateep Foundation

Words of Appreciation

The publication of this book, which is to be made available at hotels and other accommodations, meets a long-standing need. There have been others in the past who have begun and then finally abandoned such a project. This book finally succeeds in remedying an important lack.

Ajahn Jayasaro has written this book in the form of questions and answers, making it interesting and not overly-academic in tone. Furthermore, he has drawn upon his extensive experience in both the study and practice of Buddhism, and also in teaching it to others, to select appropriate topics. He has observed and reflected on which matters are commonly of interest to people, and which matters would be good for them to understand. He also deals in the book with subjects that people tend to misunderstand and others in which important and useful aspects are often overlooked. Thus, Ajahn Jayasaro has chosen suitable topics, ones in which he answers the needs of people interested in Buddhism, remedies misunderstandings, and points to areas that repay attention. He explains and gives advice, enlightening readers on fundamental Buddhist concepts. One beneficial theme infuses every aspect of this book: the elegant, meticulous cultivation of all that is noble in the heart and mind.

Visitors to countries such as Thailand may encounter activities, customs, traditions, and behavior that reflect Buddhist beliefs, and they may find them unusual or puzzling. This book will help them make sense of their experience. Not only will they enjoy their travels, but the understanding gained through reading this book may be life-enriching.

There may also be readers going through a difficult period in their life or experiencing some temporary unhappiness. The understanding or insights gained by reading this book may help to resolve some of their difficulties. At the least, when readers are back in their hotel rooms and looking to unwind, this book may provide a companion that can nourish their hearts and minds. Even if it is only picked up for relaxation, it may still provide a sense of peace, goodness and clarity.
I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives for the effort and dedication its members have put into publishing this book by Ajahn Jayasaro called “without and within”, in order for it to become available in hotels and hostels. It is a gift of Dhamma that will disseminate knowledge, understanding, and righteousness, contributing to true and lasting happiness shared among people all over the world.

Phra Brahmagunabhorn (P. A. Payutto)
May 9, 2013

Excerpt From: Ajahn Jayasaro. “Without and within.”