Saturday Meditation Workshops

Adicco BhikkhuNews

Several of you have contacted us recently to enquire about the Saturday meditation workshops, as they were no longer appearing on our online calendar.

Apologies about this omission which was unintentional. Although they might be exceptionally cancelled, or moved to a location other than the Temple, our workshops are otherwise expected to run consistently on a weekly basis, rain or shine, at 2pm each Saturday (including during the winter retreat when they are led by experienced lay teachers rather than senior monastics.)

They will always remain free of charge, as with everything that is provided at the monastery (accommodation, books, retreats, etc.) The live-streaming of the workshops was discontinued in April 2022 and these events are in-person only.

On a different topic, please note that we have recently encountered difficulties in upgrading to the latest version of WordPress – the technology behind this website – and certain features might not be entirely working. We are working on fixing these various issues as soon as possible.

May all beings be at ease.