Retreat Centre

Retreats have been held at Amaravati Retreat Centre since the monastery was first established in 1984. The retreats organised by the Retreat Centre are led by monks and nuns trained in the Ajahn Chah tradition, originating from the north-east of Thailand.

Retreat Centre – meditation room

They offer an opportunity to put down for a short time, daily work, chores, commitments and stresses, and create the space and environment to encourage and support inward reflection. Broadly speaking, these retreats focus on the Buddha’s teachings in the Theravada tradition, offering the opportunity to listen to daily Dhamma teachings. On some retreats a particular theme or approach to practice is emphasised, such as ‘Death and Dying’ or ‘Walking the Buddha’s Path: the Fruits of Effort’.

Retreat Centre building (brown colour) with its kitchen on the right and field for walking meditation at the back

The Retreat Centre is located in the monastery grounds but is run separately, with its own accommodation facilities, kitchen, and Shrine Room.

‘Just as a deep lake is clear and still,
even so, on hearing the teachings and realising them,
the wise become exceedingly peaceful.’

Dhammapada, verse 82

Monastic Retreats

We offer weekend, five-day, ten-day, and thirteen-day retreats. Weekend and five-day retreats are suitable for people who have little or no experience of Buddhist practice, meditation or retreats. The longer retreats are for people who are embracing Buddhist practice in their daily life, have an established meditation practice and previous retreat experience. Participants at any of these retreats must be aged eighteen or older.

To book a monastic-led retreat go to Booking a retreat.

Monastic-led retreats are also offered at Harnham Buddhist Monastery in Northumberland, another monastery in the Ajahn Chah tradition. For their retreat schedule and bookings, please click here.

Other events organized at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

You can find information and contact details on other events here.

Staying overnight at the monastery

If you wish to come early or stay on after a retreat, it may be possible from April to December to stay as a guest at the monastery. Guests follow the daily schedule of the monastic routine, working, sharing meals, and meditating with the monastic community. If you are interested in doing this, please go to Staying overnight.