About the Retreat Centre

Welcome to the Amaravati Retreat Centre website.

Amaravati Retreat Centre has been holding retreats since the monastery was first established in 1984. The retreats are led by monks and nuns trained in the Ajahn Chah tradition originating from the north-east of Thailand, which is part of the Theravada tradition of South Asia.

Although each retreat is slightly different, broadly speaking they focus on the Buddha’s teachings in the Theravada tradition, and include periods of guided and silent meditation, walking meditation, reflections on aspects of the Buddha’s teachings, and an opportunity for questions and answers with the teacher.

There is no charge for attending monastic-led retreats at Amaravati. The teachings are given freely in keeping with the Thai Forest Monastic tradition, but donations are always welcome.

Recent Changes

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, we have been unable to hold retreats on-site since 2020, and there will now not be any on-site retreats for the next few years due to major building projects at the Monastery.

Therefore during 2022, the Retreat Centre will be offering a programme of online retreats led by monks and nuns from the Thai Forest Tradition. These online retreats will try to preserve a similar format and ethos to the on-site retreats we have held in the past.

For dates of retreats in 2022 or to book an online retreat please go to Retreat Calendar. For general information about our online retreats, please see this.

We thank you for your patience while this ‘Transition Phase’ is taking place at the monastery and look forward to welcoming you back to Amaravati Retreat Centre again sometime in the future.

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