by Ajahn Candasiri 2012 English


This small collection of teachings comprise, for the most part, talks given at a week-long retreat in Czech Republic in 2009. The final talk was given there at the New Year Retreat in 2011/2.

I presented the teachings in English, and they were translated into Czech for the benefit of the majority of retreatants who had little or no knowledge of English. This required a precision and economy of language that I found a useful discipline, once I had adjusted to the slower pace; the gaps too enabled a meditative pause – they were not, as some imagined, time to think about what to say next! My initial idea was to prepare a small book comprising transcriptions with both English and Czech side by side. It then became clear that a better approach would be to prepare and edit an English version first of all. This is what you now hold in your hands. A team of Czech translators are waiting to prepare the Czech version for publication later on.

One aim of this book is to provide an introduction for those new to the experience of being on retreat with a teacher from our Theravada tradition[…]”

Excerpt From: Ajahn Candasiri. “Simple Kindness.”