by Ajahn Viradhammo 2017 English

Within the pages of this book, we’re invited to read some reflections from Ajahn Viradhammo on the practice of Dhamma. For myself, and I hope for you, there will also be the experience of hearing his voice, and even being in his presence. It’s a warm voice, and a presence that supports the Way out of suffering, or dukkha. Perhaps when these teachings are carefully considered and put into practice, that Way becomes clear and the heart can be guided into openness and peace.

I think there’s a good chance of that, mostly because what is presented here are some of the cardinal teachings of the awakened Buddha, a person who is widely acknowledged for his deep wisdom and compassion. But also it’s because this particular presentation comes from Ajahn Viradhammo, a man of this age who has given himself fully to the Buddha’s Path for over forty years. More than reading or lecturing on it, he has lived in the Buddha’s Way—the Dhamma-Vinaya. And his voice is of this age, easily understandable, down-to-earth, and rich with humor and anecdotes.

Ajahn Sucitto