by Ajahn Amaro 2016 English

This small book is the third in a series of four, consisting of reflections and practices related to the ‘sublime abiding places for the heart’ – the four brahma-vihāras, in Buddhist parlance. The vision for the series is to explore these sublime abidings via the somewhat oblique approach of looking at what counters or muddies their activity. In this third book we will be investigating muditā through the lens of self-centred desire and its relationship to dissatisfaction; how the quest to fulfil personal cravings leads not to joy but rather to pain-haunted  addictions; how  joy, instead, comes from unselfishness, giving and consciously delighting in the blessings that others have; how those blessings of others need not feed a sense of lack or unworthiness in us but rather, marvellously and mysteriously, be a contributor to our own well-being.