Who is Pulling the Strings?

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This small book is the fourth in a series of four, consisting of reflections and practices related to the ‘sublime abiding places for the heart’ – the four brahma-vihāras, in Buddhist parlance. The vision for the series is to explore these sublime abidings via the somewhat oblique approach of looking at their opposites. In this last book we will be investigating upekkhā and this through the lens of superstitious views about why and how things happen as they do. This might seem a very unusual approach to the development of this sublime quality, said to be the most subtle and expansive of the brahma-vihāras, however, one of the Buddha’s most common reflections to support the cultivation of upekkhā is precisely and solely an investigation of causality: ‘I am the owner of my action, companion to my to my action … whatever action I do, for good or for ill, of that I will be the heir.’